FabricAir, Inc.
FabricAir, Inc. was established in 1997 as a fully owned sales subsidiary of FabricAir A/S. We handle sales, distribution and engineering tasks relating to fabric air dispersion systems. FabricAir is headquartered in Herfølge, Denmark and employs 130 people worldwide. We were established in 1973 in connection with the launch of the world’s first fabric ducting system and have grown to include sales offices in eight countries and a fully owned production facility in Alytus, Lithuania. As a company we strive to deliver the highest quality cutting edge technology within fabric air dispersion systems through attracting the best qualified people and making sure we are easy for you to do business with.
FabricAir Inc.
312 - A Swanson Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(502) 493-2210
(502) 493-4002
Charles J. Justice

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

(678) 620-7440
Brad Bonnville

Territory Manager for Michigan and Ohio

(517) 940-5199
Andrew C. Johnson

Applications Engineer
Carlos Iriarte

Internal Sales Engineer
Miguel Duarte

Territory Manager for the States of California, Arizona and Nevada

(619) 283 5866
Billy Farr

Internal Sales & Service Manager
Randy Harvey

Territory Manager for Texas

(817) 304-2577
Philip Daugherty

Engineering Manager
John E. Hofstadter

Internal Sales Representative -
Wholesale and Logistics

(404) 780 4519
Bobbi Barefoot

Territory Manager for North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia

(704) 890-4325
Tom Boothe

Territory Manager for Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana

(501) 478-5188